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The following interviews belong to the Other Military Conflicts collection. They are arranged in alphabetical order. By accessing any interview transcript, you acknowledge your understanding of the Program’s policies on using interviews, given in the Using the Collections section. Transcripts are only available for Category “E” interviews whose OHP Control Numbers (OHPCN) are hyperlinked. Remember that interviews whose transcripts do not appear online are still often available either by email or at the Program’s office in Tallahassee.

What the Columns Indicate:

Interviewee: The person(s) interviewed.

OHPCN: The OHP Control Number, or the unique identification code the Program uses to track the interview. You will need to include this code in any inquiries, as some interviewees have provided multiple interviews.

VHPCN: The Veterans History Project collection number.  The Veterans History Project (VHP), operated by the Library of Congress, collects and archives personal recollections of U.S. wartime veterans and home front civilians who worked in support of the armed forces of the United States.  Only those interviews that have been submitted to the VHP include collection numbers, and you can access the VHP page for each interviewee by clicking on their VHPCN.  You can also visit the VHP webpage directly and search the entirety of their collections.  All interviews conform to Veteran History Project standards.

Status: R = Read Only; S = Onsite Research; E = Electronic Research. See Using the Collections for details about these distinctions.

Date: Date (if known) the interview took place.

WW2: Many of the interviewees who have contributed to this collection have also deposited valuable memorabilia to FSU’s Institute on World War II and the Human Experience. If the WW2 field contains a “Y,” this indicates that the Institute holds items from the interviewee. Contact the Institute about these items by email or by visiting their website.

Abstract: Basic information about the interview or the interviewee. If you would like to know more about an interview, either access the transcript if it is available, or contact the Program.

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Anderson, Gordon (Gordy) 1808 77796 E 07/25/2006 Abstract under construction
Frank, Andrew (Bo) 2028 02/01/2010 Abstract under construction
Arms, William C. 1202 77795 S 10/18/2000 Interview was done in Tallahassee before Arms move to NC. US Army 1952-55; 45th Infantry Division (Korea, Japan)
Bauer, Roger 1823 E 03/10/2006 Enlisted 1967; served in Vietnam; South Vietnamese local militia; ARVN
Beasley, Martha 1811 E 09/12/2006 Abstract under construction
Bliss, Donald 1807 R 07/19/2006 Abstract under construction
Bliss, Elizabeth 1812 E 09/06/2006 Abstract under construction
Blodgett, Forrest (Ph.D) 0583 S 12/08/1998 US Army, Pacific theater (post-war Occupation Force, Japan)
Bolton, Edward 2011 80785 01/31/2011 Abstract under construction
Brett, Randall 0289 S 03/23/1995 US Army; European theater (Sicily [paratrooper], POW in Austria)
Brown, Ronald I. 1584 S 05/01/2003 USS Pasig; Military Sea Transportation System; worked as an electrician
Brown, Thomas 2091 83837 08/23/2011 Abstract under construction
Bruner, James 0883 S 11/01/1999 Korean War; rail regulating officer stateside
Charlton, Donald 1728 84886 11/10/2010 Abstract under construction
Christensen, Niel 1511 S 10/19/2002 Abstract under construction
Coffee, Gerald 0259 R 09/01/1991 Vietnam War
Cole, Joseph 2002 84883 R 01/15/2009 Abstract under construction
Collander, Frank 1822 E 03/10/2006 Abstract under construction
Comer, Rich 0162 S 07/12/1991 Persian Gulf War; Commander, 20th Special Operations Squadron
Copeland, John G. (Jack) 0620 R 03/03/1999 Abstract under construction
Cowdrey, Peter A., Jr. 0282 S 03/29/1994 Vietnam War
Cox, Jerry 0336 S 07/27/1994 Vietnam War; USAF; Piloted F-4
Dame, Margaret A. (USAF retired) 1700 77827 E 12/03/2004 USAF; flight nurse – Brooks Air Force Base
Dinsmore, Sergeant; Salas, Sergeant 0164 S 07/14/1991 Persian Gulf War experiences; different viewpoints from male and female members of the military.
Diskereud, Molly 0165 S 07/14/1991 Persian Gulf War experiences
Enyeart, Helen 1751 77869 E 07/26/2005 Abstract under construction
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Epley, Deanna 2057 83842 11/16/2011 Abstract under construction
Epley, Deanna 2107 04/24/2012 Abstract under construction
Gates, Maria 0166 S 07/14/1991 Persian Gulf War
Greene, Stephen 1890 84917 R 05/03/2007 Abstract under construction
Gregory, John and Gregory, Diana 1824 E 03/09/2006 Abstract under construction
Gunatt, Michael 1357 09/22/2010 Abstract under construction
Hackl, Yona 1756 R 07/28/2005 Abstract under construction
Hahn, H. Michael 0698 S 05/03/1999 US Army, 1970-1972; Vietnam War
Hall, Judy 0258 S 09/01/2001 USAF; Vietnam War; POW
Harris, Jack 0291 S 03/18/1995 Vietnam War
Hart, James C. 1684 77845 E 07/23/2004 US Navy, 1952-195?; Malta during Suez Canal crisis; Eastern Airlines
Harvey, Pamela 1912 85484 R 10/31/2007 Abstract under construction
Head, Richard 1986 82281 E 11/17/2008 Abstract under construction
Henderson, Walton 2003 85487 R 01/22/2009 Casper Platoon, Vietnam
Hendrix, Bill 1088 80786 03/17/2011 Abstract under construction
Herrod, Herman F., Jr. 1622 R 11/21/2003 Abstract under construction
Holloway, John W. 1968 84915 E 10/03/2004 Korean War
Horrowitz (Harris), Irving 2139 Abstract under construction
Houchin, Zelner 1892 85508 R 05/16/2007 Abstract under construction
Hubbard, Ed 0163 R 07/13/1991 Colonel USAF (Ret); POW Vietnam; military experiences
Hudgins, Grover 0616 08/26/2009 Abstract under construction
Huffman, Tom 1889 R 06/26/2007 Abstract under construction
Jacobs, Robert 1519 S 02/23/2001 US Navy 1945-1947, Stateside (submarine repairman); Patrick AFB, Civilian engineer
Jaeger, Ralph 0278 S 03/09/1993 USAF Reserve member. Flew missions in AC-10 during Desert Storm
Jameson, Robert 1985 11/13/2008 Abstract under construction
Jones, James P. 1827 E 02/04/2006 Abstract under construction
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Kahila, Larry 1901 85496 E 08/01/2007 Casper Platoon; Vietnam War
Kobes, Gene 1694 E 10/21/2004 Vietnam War
Krueger, William 1993 82285 E 12/02/2008 Vietnam War – Casper Platoon
Leon, Roberto Eduardo 1498 S 09/23/2002 Navy – Vietnam War
Lysaught, Jerome P. 0695 80022 S 04/23/1999 USMC 1949-1956; Korean War
McBride, Arthur 1977 R 07/05/2008 Casper Platoon; Vietnam War
McCoy, Ed 1931 R 06/12/2008 Abstract under construction
McHugh, Leo 1905 84874 R 09/05/2007 Abstract under construction
Merkel, Charles 1767 E 10/15/2005 Abstract under construction
Moran, Charles K. 0290 S 02/18/1995 Colonel, USAAF
Murray, Terry 0167 S 07/14/1991 Persian Gulf War
Nielson, Thomas 1387 80811 04/05/2011 Abstract under construction
Nicholson, John W. 1976 E 07/09/2008 Abstract under construction
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Perley, James C. 1436 80164 S 04/04/2002 US Air Force 1966-1969; England, RAF Wethersfield, 81st Medical Group, dental assistant; interesting non-combat account
Plese, Randell 1902 85490 R 08/27/2007 Casper Platoon Vietnam
Quinn, Thomas 1891 E 06/14/2007 Abstract under construction
Rager, Robert E. 1982 E 08/05/2008 Vietnam; Casper Platoon
Revels, Delzie 2055 08/13/2011 Abstract under construction
Schow, Horrace 1595 S 06/03/2003 US Army; West Point graduate 1955; Corps of Engineers; airborne Ranger; Korea 1956-1957; France; US Armed Forces Radio-biology Research Institute; Germany; Taiwan
Shelton, William 1542 S 02/21/2001 Abstract under construction
Shepherd, Johnnie L. 1848 E 11/09/2006 Abstract under construction
Sheridan, Mike K. 1821 E 02/25/2006 Abstract under construction
Sholett, Don 1919 R 01/17/2008 Vietnam – Casper Platoon Collection
Shultze, Noam 0158 R 05/23/1991 Haifa, Israel; Persian Gulf War; Scud missiles
Smith, Greg 0276 S 03/24/1994 USMC Reserves. Reserve unit based in Tallahassee; Desert Storm
Smith, Kennedy M. 1930 E 04/10/2008 Vietnam War
Snedden, Larry 1915 R 09/20/2007 Vietnam War; Casper Platoon
Soff, Jeff 1182 80075 S 09/20/2000 Vietnam War; 101st Airborne Division
Sosa, Salvador 1360 09/21/2010 Abstract under construction
Specht, Edward 2043 11/29/2010 Abstract under construction
Spooner, Steven 1887 R 07/13/2007 Abstract under construction
Steen, John 1888 E 06/27/2007 Abstract under construction
Stewart, Virginia (Ginger) 1613 80088 S 09/18/2003 WACs; Germany; Korea
Strang, Guy 1886 E 07/13/2007 Abstract under construction
Streicher, Stanley 1372 09/30/2010 Abstract under construction
Streicher, Stanley 1367 09/13/2010 Abstract under construction
Shultz, Sr., Roger P. 2117 85503 07/25/2012 Abstract under construction
Swanson, Helge 1825 E 03/08/2006 Abstract under construction
Thomas, Terry J. 1899 R 08/22/2007 Abstract under construction
Tompkins, Rick 1920 E 01/24/2008 Vietnam War; Casper Platoon
Trinh, Vu 1826 E 03/09/2006 Abstract under construction
Tully, Margery 0682 S 04/22/1999 Abstract under construction
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Varvi, Charles 0304 S 08/09/1994 Colonel, USAF Retired
Velky, James 0638 11/24/2009 Abstract under construction
Walsh, Bobby Allen 1630 E 12/03/2003 Vietnam War; radioman; infantry
Ware, Otis 2100 03/22/2012 Abstract under construction
White, Clifford 1900 E 08/03/2007 Casper Platoon; Vietnam
Wilkofsky, John 1904 E 09/04/2007 Casper Platoon; Vietnam
Wood, Frank B. 0017 R 04/14/1973 Spanish American War; WWI Army Air Corps; Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk
Woodley, Pia 2098 01/12/2012 Abstract under construction
Yates, Dave 0305 S 08/24/1994 Colonel, USAF; Use of FACs in air combat