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The Reichelt collection is divided into the following categories. Several smaller collections relating to specific events or topics are listed under Specific Collections.

Florida State University / Florida State College for Women – The FSU/FSCW collection features interviews from administrators, faculty and students from all eras of the University’s history. These interviews explore the growth of the campus and the creation and expansion of various academic departments and other branches of the FSU community, including the Athletic Department from the ground up. ’49ers recount their inpressions of the university and the immediate post-war experience in Tallahassee. University presidents Doak Campbell, Robert Strozier, Milton Carothers, Gordon Blackwell, John Champion, Stanley Marshall, Bernie Sliger, Dale Lick and Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte describe the high and low points of their administrations, and in doing so lend tremendous insight into how their personalities and distinctive visions shaped the course of the university throughout its history.

Tallahassee and Florida History – The Tallahassee and Florida History collection includes interviews from various citizens of Tallahassee and other communities who have witnessed the transformation of Florida into a vibrant economy…

World War II

Other Military Conflicts – Although the bulk of the collection’s military-related interviews pertain to World War II, other military conflicts such as the Vietnam War and the First Persian Gulf War are represented.

Specific Collections (Under Construction) – These interviews may be listed under one of the headings above, but belong to special collections that were formed for specific purposes. Topics include women at work during World War II, retirement community living in Florida, and the history of the Florida State Park Service, among others.