Contributing an Interview


The Reichelt Oral History Program obtains interviews from a variety of sources. Some interviews are conducted by staff members, while others may come from collections accumulated by researchers or graduate students working on specific projects. Students of the Historical Administration and Public History program at FSU conduct oral history interviews as part of their training. Whether you’re a veteran with a story to tell or a doctoral student with a series of collected interviews you’d like to donate, the Program would like to hear from you. The following description explains the process for contributing interviews to our collection.

1. Contact the Director - Get in touch with us by email at, or by telephone at 850-645-7988. We’ll get some basic information and determine the best way to conduct the interview.

2. Preliminary Questions - Either when we hear from you initially, or in a follow-up call, we’ll ask a few questions to find out what kind of information you intend to give. This will help us to formulate some questions for the interview itself.

3. The Interview Itself - The Program is equipped to do interviews in person or over a land-line telephone (i.e. not a cellular or mobile phone). The interview will be recorded in both taped and digital formats, and will then be transcribed for use by interested researchers.

4. Transcript Approval - A transcript of the interview will be sent to you for corrections or additions that you feel are necessary. We will apply your changes before the interview is made available to the public.

That’s all there is to it! If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to contact us.